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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in New London

Many people seeking our services often ask the age-old question, "Why must I carry auto insurance?" The answer isn't immediately obvious, and sometimes it feels like another pesky government law. However, we can assure you, auto insurance is important and protects you, other drivers, and your car. Not only do we offer great deals, we can match you with an insurance plan that offers a variety of coverage and at a reasonable price.

Why get insured

Car insurance is mandatory but is it really necessary? Absolutely. Auto insurance is handy in a variety of scenarios. For example, if you've been in a car accident and sustained an injury, a reliable insurance plan can cover some of your medical costs. Same with other drivers. In the event you're at fault in a collision, your insurance protects other drivers and pays for costs associated with the accident, including vehicle damage and medical bills.

Types of coverage

The types of coverage we offer are far-ranging and can protect you in any situation, whether it's a collision that caused injury to yourself or vehicle or damage to other drivers. Some of the major types of include:
  • Property Damage Liability – provides coverage for any property damages to third parties. For example, if you are responsible for an accident and damage another person’s vehicle.
  • Bodily Injury Liability - provides coverage for bodily injury claims from the people you might have injured in an auto accident.
  • Medical Payments Coverage – covers payments to the policy owner and/or injured passengers in the policy owner’s car.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage - protects you when the negligent driver has no insurance or insufficient insurance.
  • Physical Damage Protection – protects you in one of two ways:
  • Collision - covers physical damage to your vehicle if you were at fault in the accident, minus the deductible. 
  • Comprehensive - covers most non-collision physical damage to your car, i.e. fire, theft, damage in a storm, vandalism, etc.

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