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Boat Insurance

Boat insurance in New London

Nothing is quite like spending a day on the water. The bracing sea air, sweeping views of the ocean, and a certain calm that descends as you float through the water. These are all aspects boaters enjoy. But as with any recreational activity that involves a motorized vehicle, watercrafts come with their own unique set of requirements and demand to be insured. We offer a wide selection of coverage to make sure your craft is seaworthy and protects you and your passengers while you're adventuring on the water.

Protect yourself and your passengers

Living along the eastern coast, you have the opportunity to take part in a variety of outdoor water activities and make them your choice of hobby. To name a few, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, boating, and deep sea fishing are activities coastal residents can enjoy. But not so fast. If you own a watercraft, or you're new to boating and looking to invest in a boat, make sure you're equipped with the right coverage. We offer a number of policies to protect you and your passengers no matter your water hobby. 
Fully insured boat in calm waters in New London, CT

Insuring your boat

Many kinds of policies exist to protect your watercraft. You may even be surprised at just how extensive our insurance policies really are and what can be insured. We cover a wide array of watercrafts. This includes coverage for yachts, jet skis, boats, powerboats, sailboats, and much more! Several factors come into play when we're matching you with an insurance policy, and, if you'd like to find out more, make sure you call today to speak with our friendly specialists. You'll also receive a FREE quote!
Friends enjoying an insured boat in New London, CT

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